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The Canadian Saints

The Saint Canadian Martyrs: Saint Isaac Jogues, Jesuit priest, (Born in 1608, martyred in 1646). Saint Jean de Brébeuf, Jesuit priest, (Born in 1593, martyred in 1649). Saint Charles Garnier, Jesuit priest, (Born in 1606, martyred in 1649). Saint Antoine Daniel, Jesuit priest, (Born in 1600, martyred in 1648). Saint Gabriel Lalemant, Jesuit priest, (Born in 1610, martyred in 1649). Saint Noel Chabanel, Jesuit priest, (Born in 1613, martyred in 1649). Saint René Goupil, Jesuit Novice, (Born in 1608, martyred in 1642). Saint Jean de La Lande, layperson, (Born in 160?, martyred in 1646).
The eight Canadian Martyrs lived in Canada from 1625 to 1649. Canonized on June 29, 1930. Celebrated on September 26 in Canada. Feast celebrated on October 19 in the Universal Church.
 Other Canadian Saints...

Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys 
(Born in 1620, died in 1700).
Co-founded Montréal.
Founder of the Congregation of Notre-Dame.
Canonized on October 31, 1982.
Feast celebrated on January 12.

Saint Marguerite d'Youville
(Born in 1701, died in 1771).
Founder of the Sisters of Charity, 
known as the "Grey Nuns."
Canonized in 1990.
Feast celebrated on October 16.

Saint Brother André, 
(Born in 1845, died in 1937).
(Also known as "Alfred Bessette")
Brother of the religious Order 
of the Holy Cross.
Built the Saint-Joseph Oratory 
of Mont-Royal at Montréal.
Beatified on May 23, 1982.
Feast celebrated on January 6. 

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, layperson, 
(Born in 1656, died in 1680).
Beatified on June 22, 1980.
Feast celebrated on April 17.

The Canadian Blessed

Blessed André Grasset, Sulpician,
(Born in 1758, died in 1792).
Born in Montréal.
Martyred in Paris on September 2, 1792 
during the French Revolution.
Beatified on October 17, 1926.
Feast celebrated on September 2.

Blessed Marie de l'Incarnation, 
(Born in 1599, died in 1672).
Founder of the Urselines Sisters in Québec.
Beatified on June 22, 1980.
Feast celebrated on April 30.

Blessed François de Laval, 
(Born in 1623, died in 1708).
First Bishop of Québec.
Beatified on June 22, 1980.
Feast celebrated on May 6.

Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher, 
(Born in 1811, died in 1849).
Founder of the Sisters 
of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.
Beatified on May 23, 1982.
Feast celebrated on October 6.

Blessed Marie-Léonie Paradis, 
(Born in 1840, died in 1912).
Founder of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family.
Beatified on September 11, 1984 in Montréal.
Feast celebrated on May 4.

Blessed Louis-Zéphirin Moreau, 
(Born in 1824, died in 1901).
Fourth Bishop of Saint Hyacinthe.
Beatified on May 10, 1987.
Feast celebrated on May 24.

Blessed Frédéric Janssoone, Franciscan 
(Born in 1838, died in 1916).
Beatified on September 25, 1988.
Feast celebrated on August 5.

Blessed Catherine de Saint-Augustin, 
(Born in 1632, Died in 1668).
Founder of the "Hôtel-Dieu" of Québec.
Beatified on April 23, 1989.
Feast celebrated on May 8.

Blessed Dina Bélanger, 
(Born in 1897, Died in 1929).
Sister of Jesus-Mary, Sillery.
Beatified on March 20, 1993.
Feast celebrated on September 4.

Blessed Marie-Anne Blondin, 
(Born in 1809, Died in 1890).
Founder of the Sisters of Saint Anne.
Beatified on April 29, 2001.
Feast celebrated on April 18.

Blessed Émilie Tavernier-Gamelin, 
(Born in 1800, Died in 1851).
Founder of the Sisters of Providence
Beatified on October 7, 2001
Feast celebrated on September 23.

Blessed Bishop Vasyl (Basil) Velychkovsky, 
C.Ss.R., Bishop and Martyr (Ukrainian)
(Born June 1, 1903, Died June 30, 1973).
Appointed as bishop of this underground church 
in Lviv, Ukraine.
Secretly ordained as Bishop in 1963.
Beatified on June 27, 2001.

Blessed Bishop Nykyta Budka (Greek-Ukrainian)
(Born June 7, 1877 [Poland], Died October 1, 1949
 Soviet concentration camp]).
Ordained on October 25, 1905.
First bishop for Ukrainian Catholics on July 15, 1912 
in Canada.
Beatified June 27, 2001 in Ukraine.

The Canadian Venerable

Venerable Sister Bernarde Morin-Rouleau, 
(Born in 1832, died in 1929)
Founder of the Sisters of Providence of Chile
Declared Venerable September 12, 1946.

Venerable Vital Grandin, 
Oblate of Mary Immaculate, 
(Born in 1829, died in 1902).
Bishop of Saint Albert, Alberta.
Declared Venerable on December 15, 1966. 

Venerable Alfred Pampalon, Redemptorist, 
(Born in 1867, died in 1896).
Declared Venerable on May 14, 1991.

Venerable Élisabeth Bergeron, 
(Born in 1851, died in 1936).
Founder of the Sisters of 
Saint Joseph, Saint Hyacinthe.
Declared Venerable on January 12, 1996.

Venerable Délia Tétreault, 
(Born in 1865, died in 1941).
Founder of the Missionary Sisters 
of the Immaculate Conception.
Declared Venerable on December 18, 1997.

Causes Introduced To The Vatican
For Elevation To Sainthood

Jérôme Le Royer de la Dauversière, layperson, 
(Born in 1597, died in 1659).
Founder of Montréal and 
the welcoming religious of Saint Joseph.

Jeanne Mance, layperson,
(Born in 1606, died in 1673).
Co-founded Montréal and 
founder of the "Hôtel-Dieu" of Québec.

Pierre-Joseph-Marie Chaumonot, Jesuit, 
(Born in 1611, died in 1693).
Companion of the Canadian Martyrs.

Didace Pelletier, religious brother, 
(Born in 1657, died in 1699).
Carpenter and Church builder.

Jeanne LeBer, layperson in seclusion, 
(Born in 1662, died in 1714).

Rosalie Cadron-Jetté, 
(Born in 1794, died in 1864).
Founder of the Sisters of Mercy.

Marcelle Mallet, 
(Born in 1805, died in 1871).
Founder of the Sisters of Charity of Québec.

Élisabeth Bruyère, 
(Born in 1818, died in 1876).
Founder of the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa.

Élisabeth Turgeon, 
(Born in 1840, died in 1881).
Founder of the Sisters of the Holy Rosary, Rimouski.

Marie Fitzbach, 
(Born in 1806, died in 1885). 
Founder of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd of 

Éléonore Potvin, 
(Born in 1865, died in 1903).
Co-founded the Servants of Jesus-Mary, Hull, 
with Father Alexis-Louis Mangin.

Catherine-Aurélie Caouette, 
(Born in 1833, died in 1905).
Founder of the Sisters of Adoration 
of the Precious Blood, Saint-Hyacinthe. 

Alexis-Louis Mangin, priest, 
(Born in 1856, died in 1920). 
Co-founded the Servants of Jesus-Mary, 
Hull with Éléonore Potvin.

Théophanius-Léo (Adolphe Chatillon), 
Brother of the Christian Schools, 
(Born in 1871, died in 1929).

Gérard Raymond, 
(Born in 1912, died in 1932).
Student in the Little Seminary, 
(Petit Séminaire) of Québec.

Ovide Charlebois, 
Oblate of Mary Immaculate,
(Born in 1862, died in 1933).
Bishop of Keewatin, Manitoba.

Marie-Clément Staub, Assumptionist, 
(Born in 1876, died in 1936). 
Founder of the Sisters of 
Saint Joan of Arc and of the Canadian Montmartre.

Eugène Prévost, priest, 
(Born in 1860, died in 1946).
Founder of the Sacerdotal Fraternity 
and of the Oblates of Bethany.

Antoine Kowalczyk, 
brother of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, 
(Born in 1866, died in 1947).  

Louis Émond, layperson, 
(Born in 1876, died in 1949).
Co-founded the House of Jesus Carpenter 
in Québec with Father Lelièvre of.

Victor Lelièvre, 
Oblate of Mary Immaculate, 
(Born in 1876, died in 1956).
Apostle of the Sacred Heart.

Catherine de Hueck Doherty, 
(Born in 1896, died in 1985).  
Founder of the Madonna House in Combermere, Ontario.

Pauline Archer-Vanier, 
(Born in 1898, died in 1991).
"Mamie" of the Arch founded 
by her son John (Jean) in Trosly-Breuil, France.

Georges Vanier, 
(Born in 1888, died in 1967). 
Governor-General of Canada from 1959 to 1967.

Elzéar De Lamarre, Priest, 
(Born in 1854, died in 1925).
Founder of the "Antoniennes Sisters" of Chicoutimi
 and the Sanctuary of Lac Boucette, Québec.

Mgr Pierre-Armand Fallaize, O.M.I., Priest, 
(born in 1887, died in 1964).
Missionary at Mackenzie-Fort Smith.

Brother William Gagnon, O.H., 
(Born in 1905, died in 1972)
Missionary in Vietnam.

Brother Flavien Laplante C.S.C., 
(Born in 1907, died in 1981)
Missionary in Bangladesh.

Catherine Doherty, Baroness of Hueck., 
(Born in 1896, died in 1985)
Founder of "Friendship House" in Toronto, 
Ontario, Canada.

Sister Julienne Dallaire., 
(Born in 1911, died in 1995)
Founder of the "Fraternité Dominicaine 
Missionnaire Adoratrice."

Émilien Tardif, priest, 
(Born in 1928, died in 1999)
Founder of many organizations.

My sincere thanks to the following source: Extracted (most of it) from the monthly edition of "Prions en Église" (French version of "Living with Christ."), Vol. 36, no 11, November, 2001, pages 176-179. NOVALIS, Ottawa, Canada. (With the authorisation of Mr. Jean-François Bouchard, director of the French Edition, and of Mr Pierre Dufresne, responsible for the "Les saints de chez nous" sequence in the "Prions en Église.")
The list was compiled by Pierre Dufresne with the assistance of documentation provided by:

Le Comité des Fondateurs de l'Église au Canada,

(The Committee of the Founders of the Church of Canada.)
1460, boul. Crémazie Est, MONTRÉAL (Québec) H2E 1A2
Téléphone: (514) 374-5981 ou (514) 270-5922
Télécopieur: (514) 273-1277
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